Planned Litters

We take great diligence in how our puppies are raised. Home raised in our kitchen and living room where someone is at home with the puppies 99% of the time. We believe the key to great temperaments is lots and lots of socialization and if a breeder is seldom home, temperaments will be lacking. We strive to breed litters and raise puppies that have good temperaments that are well suited for a show, working career or just a well-adjusted member of the family. We start off with the pups at 3 days old by using the Super Puppy Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises by the time our puppies are ready for their new homes, they have walked on many different surfaces, eaten from many different containers in many different places.  They will have been exposed to many different sounds, visual stimulations and will have played in several different areas, both inside and out.  The puppies will be handled by, exposed to, and played with by many different people.

Last Updated November 29th 2018

Upcoming Litters


Br Ch Olives Mount Red Hot Chilli Pepper (Ice son)  x CermelBradshaw Jazz OliveMount (can pts)


Due mid December 2018 ~ co-bred with Melissa Rabbets and Patty Oliveira

Email Us

We are always happy to refer you to a reputable breeder if we do not have what you are looking for.

Our puppies are $1700.00 and are health guaranteed.

Our puppies are out of health tested parents. A deposit of $500.00 is required to be put on our waiting list, payment or balance is required in full at time of transfer including a contractual consent to neuter the pet at an appropriate age.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please copy and paste the following questions and answers into an
email and email it to us at cermel @ (remove spaces)

1. What are you looking for (sex, color, pet quality,)?

2. Where do you live (city)?

3. What is the size of your family, ages of children?

4. Do you have a fenced yard? (a fenced yard is not mandatory, we cannot expect you to have a yard if your home is a condo)

5. Existing and previously owned pets?

We have worked hard with all our dogs and are proud to see the fantastic temperaments we have produced.

We have been praised by so many of our pet and show dog owners, so we know all our hard work is paying off : )

We pride ourselves on being fair and I will gladly supply you with references upon request, as we expect the same of you.

We also can recommend breeders in which we feel have the same breeding principles. ~

PLEASE do your homework and check references of breeders, there are breeders out there that can talk the talk, some have no experience and may only have 1 sheltie, some no ethics, some think they know it all. Contact the breed association for verification. (sorry if this offends any breeder, but if the shoe fits...) Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association CSSA

We do reserve the right to refuse a sale. We breed for ourselves first.

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