All the dogs live in the house with us, we are NOT a Kennel. Dedicated to breeding quality, health tested shelties from select stock. Our shelties CAN do it all, devoted companions, performance dog and show dogs. Our dogs compete in shows in Canada the USA and Internationally. We have been breeding dogs since the early 1980's. We took a break to raise a different breed, our two children. Everyone pitches in to make everything run as smooth as possible. Hubby is the chief puppy spoiler, Travis is our terrific doggie manager who also does kennel sitting for other breeders.

Melissa (GardenGate Shelties) joined us in 2016 and has been an excellent student and has never back backed down from any challenges that have been thrown at her. She is devoted to the bettering of the shetland sheepdog breed. It has been wonderful to have Melissa work with us.

Shannon often helps with puppy training and wrangling puppies for pictures.

Shannon's Pawsitive Pet Services

We often share  our experience freely with ones that have a true interest in our breed. Many have become good and trusted friends and we don't hesitate to help where we can. It is much better to work with other breeders instead of against them. We take an interest in all our puppies whether they are placed as family companions, performance dogs or in show homes. Each and every sheltie from us has been well socialized, raised in our livingroom and kitchen with much care and love. We are focused on testing for hips, eyes, thyroid, MDR1 & Vwd. If you cannot afford to test, then you cannot afford to breed! While we are relatively young to this wonderful breed of dog, we have over acheived our expectations to date. We plan to keep excelling to the betterment of the breed whether it be for pet, show or performance.
This we take quite seriously.

All Cermel & Gardengate breeding stock is health tested. 

There is no perfect dog and not all our dogs are show dogs, we have several that are neutered and are loved as much as the rest. Sometimes it is the heart that chooses. All our dogs are house dogs. Shelties are our passion.

Contact Cermel Shelties at: Cermel Sheltie Inquiry

 MEMBERS OF: Canadian Kennel Club, Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Assosciation.

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